What is mammoplasty?

Tender skin of breasts in time over-stretches and gradually loses its elasticity. This has adverse effect for shape and look of the breast. Pregnancy and breastfeeding, lifestyle and food also leave their negative trace. Even commitment to certain type of clothes and smoking may cause reduction of breast (its “sagging”) and to have negative effect on its elasticity. If this is the case, your choice shall be mammoplasty and its most common type – breast augmentation. 

Plastic surgery (lifting) is recommended to patients with nipples and areolas located on the lower breast line and pointing down. It is with mentioning, that patients with large breast also may carry out rejuvenating uplift, yet, they need to take into consideration, that the results of such procedure will remain in effect for a shorter period, then in case of small or medium breast. Breast uplift, plastic surgery and augmentation are methods to change shape or size of breast with application of surgical intervention. It has to be noted, that today breast augmentation is one of the most required types of plastic surgeries.

Indications for mammoplasty.

It happens, that breast looks disproportionate to the other parts of the body. Many patients are unhappy with too little breast, and in such case breast augmentation is carried out. On the other side, many of those having large breasts face problems with selection of cloths or with daily feeling of heaviness in breast area with additional load upon vertebral column. It is not an exaggeration to say, that too large breast may limit movements, as well as cause pain in neck, shoulders and back area. In such case,breast reduction may also be an ideal solution. 

The surgeon may decide that it is necessary to carry out breast uplift, if it has insufficient elasticity or lost its natural flexibility due to breastfeeding. Remember, that even though breast uplift is allowed at any age, doctors recommend to undergo such surgery in adult age, when the breast growth process is over and it has taken its natural shape.

Must know before the surgery?

If you have made up your mind in regard to breast uplift, reduction or augmentation, you’ll need to discuss desired outcome with your surgeon during consultation and explain to him in detail what shape you would like your breast to have. The doctor shall thoroughly examine the condition and features of your skin, peculiarities of the nipple and areola. You will also have to tell the doctor about any genetic predispositions, medicine you’re taking, undergone surgeries, allergic reactions of your organism and other factors, which may complicate the surgery and have adverse impact upon its results. Make sure to inform the doctor about any cases of breast cancer among your relatives. The surgeon also needs to know, whether you plan to lose weight in the nearest future after the surgery. You must tell the doctor about your plans in relation to the diet, food and planned pregnancy.

The surgery

With regard to the method, plastic surgery of breast (both breast augmentation and uplift or reduction) is carried out with application of local anesthesia by several sections in the breast area and excision of excess skin. Subsequently, with reasonable effort, the skin becomes more elastic; breast lifts up, looks younger and becomes more attractive. Yet, for each patient an individual method is elected, with consideration of breast shape, condition of the nipple and areola, as well as of the agreed final result. If a breast augmentation is carried out, implants of selected size and shape are inserted into sections.


Plastic surgery and uplift of breast is carried out with application of general or local anesthesia, as agreed beforehand. Patient’s wishes and general health condition are to be considered.


Risks in the process of plastic surgery are minimal, and thousands of women decide to undergo such surgery every year, which significantly approves the quality of their lives and allows achieving desired comfort. It’s no surprise, as plastic surgery and augmentation of breast for them is a weighed and responsible step. For some time prior to the surgery as well as in post-surgical period it is recommended to abstain from smoking and to avoid taking aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs. Main complications, as a rule, may be connected either with allergic reactions to anesthesia or ingress of inspection. Rarely additional blood may be required, that’s why the patient is advised to submit blood prior to the surgery. Slight feeling of discomfort in the breast area within first two-three weeks is a normal thing. However, should any sharp pain occurs, immediately inform your doctor.

After the surgery

After the surgery is carried out, patients may return home, where they should undergo post-surgical rehabilitation by themselves. The doctor may also recommend abstaining from sexual life for some time. After a few weeks from the surgery the patient may return to usual lifestyle. Positive results after plastic breast surgery remain for a long time, yet, certain factors, for instance, pregnancy, gaining or losing weight may deteriorate the visual effect. Generally, both, breast augmentation and plasticsurgery of breast reduction, make your breast more attractive, thus making the life of its owner much easier, create the feeling of comfort in everyday life and helps you to feel more self-confident.